The Three Hidden GMO's in Food

The most neglected part of any commercially prepared food is the ingredient list. We prefer a brand over the other due to its popularity. We never consider the product ingredient list.

The more we ignore the ingredient list, the more we cannot see the hidden gmo’s in food products.question mark

I am not emphasizing not to eat gmo products nor saying that they are bad. However, gmo’s are new organisms. They might cause unwanted side effects such as antibiotic resistance, cancer, weak immune system and severe allergic reactions.  There are lots of studies proving gmo safety though.

Think about this. Some side effects take decades to discover. We are all guinea pigs to this world wide gmo testing.

Soybean is one of the most popular genetically modified plant. The gmo type has a gene of Agrobacterium sp that make it resistant to certain herbicides. It is the source of lecithin, an emulsion for making ice cream and chocolate.

This crop is also well known to us. The bt corn. To control the corn borer, a gene from the bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis, was injected to corn. This enable the corn to produce bt delta endotoxin, a selective protein which attacks only corn borer larvae. The two main products of corn in circulation are glucose and maltodextrin. Glucose is used mostly for beverages and baked goodies. Maltodextrin is a low carb sweetener and can also be used as thickening agent.

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