Drinking Horse Sweat as Tonic

There are many kinds of tonic or energy boosting supplements, liquid or solid, natural or artificial.

Cereals – Energen, BusogLusog, Nesvita
Tablets – Enervon, Rogin-E, Centrum
Beverages – Lipovitan, Cobra, Red Bull, Sting
Natural – Coffee, Ginseng

This one is different. I heard about this on Jessica Soho Episode. Some horse lovers from Benguet Province are drinking horse sweat as tonic. Sweats are gathered by scrubbing horse body with cotton. The cotton is then mixed with glass of water. The mixture is drink as tonic.

The practice is also popular in some areas of Macao and Hongkong.

Is drinking horse sweat wrong? Is it dangerous? The answer – maybe yes or maybe not!

Sweat is excreted by the body as form of waste. Sweating is part of excretory system function to expel all sort of substances unwanted by the body. Sweat might contain harmful chemicals. It might contain some nutrients and electrolytes but your own excretory system will work harder to eject the waste you drank.

wet cotton

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