Need Help in Identifying Altamisa Herb

The local altamisa might be the Artemisia vulgaris. I was unable to read more information cause it was written in Spanish Language I guessed. The provided picture and my picture has similarities.

My favorite plant resource,, never provided any information about the herbal medicine. Maybe they did provide using a different local or English name.

Found an English Artemisia vulgaris version.

If altamisa is really Artemisia vulgaris, then it is locally known as mugwort, artemisia, artemisa or wormwood. Other names that may refer to this herb are felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, old Uncle Henry, sailor’s tobacco, naughty man, old man and St. John’s plant. Different names as read from wikipedia.

Many information about artemesia are referring to geographical place, not herb.

Herb growing about one to two meters tall with a woody stem. This next description gave me further confusion. The plant I was referring to cannot grow one to two meters tall, not even half meter.

Please help me in identifying this plant! Thanks! I am sure your inputs are more reliable than world wide web.

altamisa herb

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  1. I recognize the plant in your picture. We had them in our backyard when I was young. We called it artamisa and you are right mababa sila. Parang ginagamit ng mga matatanda na poultice sa mga namamaga ang dahon.

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