Curing Ingrown

I suffered from toenail ingrown several years ago.

Here was the story.

Vanity strike. I often cut my toenail. When it grow back and tip started going farther away form the skin, dirt accumulate beneath. It was ugly and disgusting. I used to work in my father’s farm and soil were sticking like crazy. Keeping the toenails trimmed is a must.

Then untoward incident happened. Part of the toenail started growing beneath the skin. I was not sure if it was natural phenomenon or my negligence. Maybe the corners were trimmed improperly. Some pointed parts remained and growth build up thru the skin.

It was too late when I discovered the ailment. Both toenails on left and right feet had fierced deep enough to cause wound. It was painful. I couldn’t put on shoes. Walking was hard. Slight external force was causing extreme pain.

I spent hours cutting off the toenail that pierced through the skin and I almost screamed when I pulled it out. Take note that I worked on two ingrown.

I never wanted the same thing in the future. I took good care of cutting them. There was an ugly looking build up of flesh and skin around it. I let the toenail grow pass the point of build up so ingrown won’t happen again.

Few weeks passed and I did what I intended. My left and right toenails look ugly. Irregularly shaped with one side slightly pointed. Plus, dirt always got underneath and needed to be pricked often. At least, no more ingrown and no more painful toes.

Then, I accidentally stumbled to interesting infographic. That is how to naturally cure ingrown without undergoing surgery.

Surgery? I was glad mine never went that far.

About the treatment. It is very simple. It involves inserting damp cotton underneath the problem area. Doing it everyday for several weeks will get rid of the problem and return toes to its previous form.

My ingrown is no more but the toenails are ugly. The bulge muscle around it makes the appearance uglier.

Today, I am starting the treatment for vanity.

cotton inserted beneath ingrown

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