Accidentally Biting My Inner Cheek

The teeth are meant for cutting foods to smaller pieces. So it can be digested easier by stomach, small intestines and large intestines. It can also serve some extra purpose like opening a pack of potato chips, removing bottle crown and holding a smoke belching cigarette.

Teeth have wider range of use for other animals. It extend to gathering and hauling items, playing and fighting with others.

My teeth is serving another purpose. That is to wound my very own flesh. I wonder how it is happening. I often have internal mouth wound. It is not cause by infection but by accidental biting. While eating, a sudden cracking sound and intense pain surprise me. That is the accidental biting of inner cheek and or inner lips.


– Obviously, this will never happen while the upper and lower jaws are in still position. It is ridiculously impossible.

– While talking. The upper and lower jaws are in motion. But it never happened to me while…. Talking non-stop causes mouth dryness but not wound injury.

– Talking while eating. Don’t talk while your mouth is full. Swallow all the food first before doing so. I belong to countless violators. Talking while chewing food simultaneously. The results. Occasional coughing due to food particles entering the lungs and accidental biting of inner cheeks and lips.

Now, there are two reasons not to talk while mouth is full.

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