Not Meeting Golden Rice Yet!

Have you eaten a golden rice? Maybe yes, if you are near the place where it is being developed and tested. Eighty percent not, cause this variety is not out yet for public consumption.

I first met the polished white rice. I have been eating it since my tummy became able digest such.

Then the brown rice. Unpolished rice appears to be brown so the term “unpolished rice” and “brown rice” are being used interchangeably. I am eating brown rice every now and then. I really want it often but such is seldom available in nearby public market. It is obvious that most people want polished rice than brown.

Then the red rice. This variety is rare. According to hearsay, very few farmers are growing it and they can only harvest once a year. It is more expensive than regular white rice but cheaper than Jasmine and Japonica. Red rice is a glutenous rice, not really meant for regular meal.

And the weird rice that I have never met, the Golden Rice. It is golden as its name implies. Contains beta carotene which turn to Vitamin A when  eaten.  It is a genetically modified organism. Still under extensive development and testing. Mass production is not yet allowed. Expected to undergo strict scrutiny and extensive controversy before becoming available to masses.

Is Golden Rice for you?

If you are eating a well balance meal composing of rice, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat three times a day, then, you can skip this golden rice thing.

Your budget can only afford to buy rice plus a noodle or sardine every meal. Then consider switching go golden rice. According to PhilRice, pricing is going to be similar to regular polished rice. Golden Rice, however, will not save you from other nutrient deficiencies.

You never eat rice. Any kind of rice is not for you then.

Often skipping meal? No fortified food can save you.

You are an Anti-GMO advocate? Prepare yourself for the rally when this variety is set for launching.




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