Soy Isoflavones Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Soya and other foods with soy ingredient are definitely not a choice for women with breast cancer or had a breast cancer. There has been a wide issue that taking soy increases the risk of cancer recurrence among survivors.

The fight against cancer is a long life battle. The risk of undergoing surgery, the pain of chemotherapy and the fear of death. Anybody never want a second round of risky treatment. soya soy

Soy has high amount of isoflavones which have estrogen and anti-estrogenic activity. Isoflavones bind to estrogen receptors thus preventing cell damage, an antioxidant action. However, too much concentration may lead to development of tumors. Is this really true? Cancer patients undergo treatment procedures. This lower their estrogen level and increase their risk of cancer recurrence. Taking soy isoflavones might help solve the issue but there is also a risk involve.

According to result of scientific study, the belief might not be true. In fact, soy consumption can decrease the recurrence of breast cancer. Women who consumed the highest amount of soy isoflavones (23mg/day) have 9% reduced mortality and 15% reduced recurrence as compared to those who consumed the lowest (0.48mg/day). Hmmm.. the result is very promising!

The study was led by Xiaou Ou Shu of Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It involved 16,048 previous breast cancer patients ages 20 to 83. The assessment lasted for 13 months.

Fear eating meat and meat products but never fear eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Vegan diet is long proven cure to a variety of diseases, even the deadly ones. While meat consumption is responsible for the development of many chronic diseases.

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