Possible Ban of Junk Foods in School Premises

Senator Lito Lapid proposed a law to ban the selling of junk foods inside school premises. The purpose is to protect the health of the young generation.

The bill includes:  Sec. 8 Banning of Unsafe Foods and Drinks. – In order to ensure that food and drinks being sold over thejunk foods school shall be exclusive to those that meet the nutrient-based standard, unsafe foods and drinks as determined by the institute shall be perpetually banned from being sold inside the school premises.

Included junk foods in the proposed law are chips, hotdogs, burgers, pizza, tacos, fries and soda drinks. It will be implemented in private and public elementary and high school. Punishment for violators is imprisonment.. or fine of not less than 200,000 pesos but not more than 500,000 pesos or both.

Hotdogs, burgers, pizza and tacos are included in the proposed law. Local vendors sells food products made of cheap ingredients that cannot meet the nutrient requirements of children and adolescent.

As educators, schools have also the responsibility to look after the health of their students. Selling of junk foods should be avoided inside school premises, a teaching by example. It should be prohibited before telling the students that junk foods are not good for our health.

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  1. thumbs up for this bill…unhealthy foods were already banned in my daughter’s school a long time ago and it really helped the students not to be addicted to these foods especially with the assistance of the parents

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