The Katuray Flowers

I thought it was lima bean from afar. A lima bean climbing on a large tree.

It was too large for any lima bean variety I guessed. Besides, Julius told me that it was not what I thought. The flower never belong to any vine. It is katuray. A vegetable that can be cooked with any dish.

I came near for inspection. The white flowers are attached to little branches near the leaves. It has resemblance to lima bean flowers but not a close match. The leaves resemble a tamarind leaf, a relatively bigger tamarind leaves.

According to world wide web the plant has the scientific name Sesbiana grandiflora

Cooking this is sure easy but harvesting could be hard depending on tree height. The flower bearing tree is about two-story building tall. I raised my hand and used the 4x optical zoom of my old fashioned camera in order get this picture.

katuray flower

Julius added, dishes with katuray are good.

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