Learn How to Eat Camote Tops, Ampalaya, Mustard etc…

I am not a picky eater but I never eat camote tops, pechay, mustard, ampalaya and other vegetables that have a bitter taste. I usually asked money from my mother to buy an egg when the menu on table was not fit for my taste. But those days are history.

Things started to change when my co-employees invited me to their house to do some extra-curricular work, extra money eh. Most of the time I eat lunch and dinner with him. And its not nice to eat with him because he love to eat ampalaya. He told me that I can eat ampalaya if I will mix it little by little with my rice. I did the thing because I do not want him to get embarrassed. The technique worked, I slowly appreciated bitter gourd as one of the most delicious and nutritious vegetable.

Another person who helped me to appreciate bitter vegetables was my wife. She often prepare dishes with these bitter vegetables. Now, I love eating camote tops, pechay, mustard, ampalaya and other bitter-tasting vegetables. However, I cannot eat raw ampalaya yet but I know that I can overcome it sooner.

boiled camote leaves and sliced red tomatoes

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