Lup-og/Ulikba | The Black Chicken with Black Meat

What are the colors of chicken? The popular fast growing broiler varieties are color white. Some are dirty white due to dirt. Native chickens come in a variety of colors, white, brown, red and black. black

What is the color of chicken meat? Everyone would agree that it is white. It is white indeed. I am eating chicken since I was a child and all chicken meat I have seen and eaten are all white. I can’t imagine eating a red colored chicken meat, or a dark colored one. Perhaps something is wrong with the meat, spoiled, dyed or accidentally spilled with unknown chemical.

Speaking of chicken colors, chickens with black colored meat exist. I watched about this thing recently on Jessica Soho.

The first one is the Chinese Silkie Chicken. The feathers are white but the bones and meat are black. Its market price is about 300 to 400. It is used to make a black chicken soup. Hmm… this thing is kinda interesting. I wonder how it taste!

There is another one. The chicken is called Lup-og/Ulikba. It is known to Vietnam as Hmong chicken. It is all black from feathers to bones to meat. The blood has a violet complexion, its not really all black, lol! The chicken is rare and can be found in some place of Ifugao. It is commonly used by the natives as ceremonial offerings.

The chicken is believed to be a tonic for person with fever related cases, a good energy booster for new mothers and helps regulate a good blood flow.

Do you want Lup-og? Think again! Its not easy to acquire. One kilo live weight is equivalent to 150 to 200 thousand pesos.

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