Turmeric / Luyang Dilaw Health Benefits

Love curry? You should because it contains turmeric, locally known as luyang dilaw, that has many health benefits.

1) Has anti-inflammatory action, support liver health and contain lots of antioxidant according to Jonny Bowden
2) A potent tonic according to Phyllis A. Balch.old mccormick spice bottle of turmeric bottle
3) Has the ability to kill tumor cells according to study of Jayaraj Ravindran, Sahdeo Prasad and Bharat B. Aggarwal
4) Carminative – medication that prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary tract or eases its passing
5) Stimulant – drug that temporarily quickens some vital process.
6) Emmenagogue – promotes menstrual discharge.
7) Cordial – strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal. Drink for its warming effect.
8) Juice of fresh rhizome can be applied to wounds, bruises and leech-bites.
9) Turmeric and gingelly prevents skin eruptions
10) Hot luyang dilaw with lime and saltpeter can cure sprain and bruises.
11) Turmeric powder can facilitate the scabbing of smallpox and chickenpox.
12) Flowers are used to eliminate ringworms and other parasitic diseases.
13) The decoction can cure purulent conjunctivitis.
14) One to 20 parts decoction (turmeric to water) can be applied to catarrhal and purulent ophthalmia. Apply externally by means of clean cloth piece.
15) Turmeric ointment is used to relieved neuralgia and rheumatism
16) Rhizomes with coconut oil can be used to cure stomach disorders and vulnerary.
17) Anthelmintic – capable of causing the evacuation of parasitic intestinal worms
18) Fever cure.
19) Fumes of burning luyang dilaw can cure catarrh or severe head colds.

In our locality, the turmeric plant is rare. Farmers are weeding out this plant because the plant is very similar to a persistent weed, barak. Their rhizomes are also similar. The only difference is the inside color of flesh. Barak has white flesh while luyang dilaw has yellow.

Turmeric is widely use as natural food coloring and a spice. Commonly available as powder preparation.

update as of July 2016

Recently, I notice the craze on turmeric products especially in form of instant preparations.  Instant ginger powder with turmeric, 7-in-1, 11-in-1 and so on.

For clarification, they are not the instant powder prepared in commercial way. They are traditionally prepared by mixing rhizome extract, other desired medicinal herbs, and ultimately sugar as carrier.  The mixture is boiled until all undesired liquid is evaporated.  What left are sugar plus the remnants of other added ingredients.  Resulting product is often too sweet.

There are scientific studies proving turmeric health benefits. In fact they too many to almost endless. Anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, skin toning and fat burning properties are included. The herb is now being called as “The Most Potent Super Spice”.

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  1. hi good day?! ask ko lang po kung ano po pwede ko inumin na pang detox sa body para sa pag patay ng parasite sa katawan. kasi po breastfeeding mother po ako. ano po ba ang dapat kung inumin?

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  4. Ok lng po ba kng pinapakuluaan lng ang fresh luyang dilaw tas iinumin ng maligamgam pa lng…iniinum ko po 3x a day half hour before meal..

  5. iba yung luya na ginagamit sa sabaw at itong dulaw. mas marami itong health benefits.

    mayroon akong bentang dulaw sa amin, but hindi sya capsule, kung hindi powder.kasi pure sya dulaw, for more info pls. contact my number 09067650770. thank you.

  6. Hi! Need your opinion,help regarding my mom 93 years old with mild diabetes and with hypertension , a little week heart, need operation for her three pcs gallstone , but it’s very dangerous at her age, is their any other best alternative to remove those stone without operation. it give her so much pain, pls help my mom I love her so much , aside from this pain she also have Rayuma pain. Sorry for my grammar ,Not so well in English. Thanks in advance . ASAP!

  7. We have available organic turmeric capsules u can contact me 09212205742 tested ko na pain reliver siya parang walang pagod the whole day

  8. Hi po, good day

    Ask ko lang po sana, may maliit na peklat ako sa paa tas tinanggal ko po, yun po pla hindi pa sya ok sa loob.. Nun naligo po ako sumakit at naging sugat po ulit sya, hanggang sa namaga po ang paa ko.. How true po na pwede kong ipahid ang luyang dilaw sa namamagang part? Nahihirapan po kasi ako.. ;( need ko din po bang inumin?


  9. I am helping an upland community, majority of whom are poor and unlettered, including Dumagats. One of the agricultural products we promote is the wonderful luyang dilaw. We sell it at 40-60 pesos per kilo, depending on “market forces.” Guaranteed organic — no fertilizers or pesticides. We want to link with “organic farming” patrons/buyers. If you are one, please call or text me at (0917) 885-1155 or (0939) 920-2458.

    1. Hi po pwedi po ba inumin ng buntis Yong luya turmeric buntis kc ako nagka sugar kc ako sa pagbubuntis ko ngayon meron kc kami bunga ilan po dapat piraso ang ilagay at ilan baso ng tubig ang ilagay ilang oras pakuluin paki reply nman salamt 09236210788,09128657064
      At ilan baso inumin sa maghapon plx doc paki reply nman

  10. Pwede po bang inumin mismo ung McCormick turmeric powder with water? Hindi ko kasi alam kung saan mkakahanap ng turmeric powder na hindi branded.. okay lang ba na McCormick brand, Hindi kaya bawas na ung content nung luyang dilaw nun? Haha..

    1. kung sino po ang gusto at nag hahanap ng luyang dilaw powder txt me nalng po sa number na to 09471479489…hindi to branded kasi yong ginawang powder yong mismo ang katas ng luyang dilaw walang halong kung ano pa…benjie from bacolod

  11. How to grow lubi-lubi plants using the fruits? Can you send me the steps and procedures how to use the fruits/seeds of the lubi-lubi plants for planting and growing.


  12. Sir, i once bought Epson Salt at Mercury Quiapo, pls call them to find out if they have d item.
    Sir, do u hv food recipe for Luyang Dilao

  13. magaling ang luyang dilaw sa gallbladder sa totoo lang preventing gallbladder diseases uminom kyo ng nilagang luyang dilaw kahit two times a day magaling ito katunayan napagaling ang kapatid kong may multiple gallbladder cysts

  14. sir ask ko lang po, gamot po ba sa panginginig nang 2hod ang luya? galing po ako sa sakit na gout? pero pagkatapos po nun nakaramdam na ako nang panghihina nang 2hod 2wing maglalakad ako. makatutulong po kaya ang pagpapahid nang luya sa mga 2hod ko?

  15. hi sir” ask ko lang maigi po bang gamot sa mataas na uric acid (667) ang nilagang luyang dilaw. kasi po kahit may iniinom na akong gamot para sa uric acid (alupurinol) at arcoxia 120mg sumasakit parin ito pagkakalipas nang bisa nang gamot. may konting pamamaga parin kaya di parin normal paglalakad ko. mabisa po kaya ang luyang dilaw para dito.

    1. The best cure is avoidance of foods high in uric acid. I was experiencing gout lately. I applied crushed ginger externally, did exercise therapy and avoid foods high in uric acid such as pork and peanuts. Artificial beverages like Sting, Cobra,Cola, Zesto and instant powder juices and Plus should be avoided. They contain fructose which promotes too much uric acid production.

  16. just want to share my xp about this miracle ginger… it can also help cure Urinary track infection… boil fresh luyang dilaw and drink 2 cups… every morning & before bed time… drink it like tea after 3 days the result is superb…sorry guy’s my english is not that good…

  17. @rosanna: if you can’t find any commercial epsom salt in your area, try this simple and cheap (yet laborious) method that we did during our HS days in our animal husbandry subject…(thanks to Mdm Josabeth Dumanig):D We used the extracted epsom salt as additive to cows and other animal supplement.
    what you’ll need:
    dried coconut palm fronds cut 1ft each
    vat or kaldero
    1 tabo water
    burn as many dried coconut fronds (or
    palwa)until all turns into almost
    white ash..

    gather the ashes and mix with water in a
    kaldero and boil in slow fire until all
    water has evaporated and remove.

    scrape the white crystals left at the
    bottom, that’s your epsom salt!

    hope this helps….

    (n.b. you’ll need a lot of fronds to get the desired quantity of epsom salt)

    1. Epsom salt or the hydrous magnesium sulfate. Try going to the university nearest. You could find the chemical there. if not, ask them for a list of chemical suppliers.

      If you live somewhere in Metro Manila, try visiting LRT Bambang Station. There are lots of chemical suppliers there.

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