Sending Fresh/Dried Guyabano Leaves Via Airmail

Have lots of guyabano tree nearby and have plenty of time to spare? Then you can do this simple things to help those whore are in need. Think of yourself like a very lucky person, winning a super lotto, an expensive car or a house and lot. The value of guyabano trees are more than those material things. It can save lives from a very threatening disease, the cancer. Share your fortune to others.

Guyabano leaves can be sent via airmail. Charge a minimum fee for mailing cost. Charge more to cover your labor. Do it often to make a living. Do not charge to high or else authorities will come after you!

1) Gather mature green guyabano leaves. Rinse in running water to remove adhering dirts. Let dry. Hanging in front of electric fan will hasten drying time.

fresh matured guyabano leaves

2) If fresh leaves are desired by the recipient, pack it right away in paper bag then insert in paper envelope. Then sent it via fast mail services like LBC or Air21. Double paper packaging is recommended to absorb moisture coming from leaves. A morning package should arrived in the afternoon and afternoon package should arrived the next morning. Never send fresh leaves if  the expected travel time is more than 24 hours. Proceed to step three as alternative.

3) Dry the leaves. Place it in between magazine or book pages. A clean bond paper can be used to prevent contact of leaves with the page prints. Let dry at room temperature.

dry flattening guyabano leaves

4) Pack dried and flattened leaves in polyethylene bags, seal. Insert in mailing envelope. A hard cardboard will prevent leaf cracking. Sent it via express or snail mail. I wish it could be sent via e-mail!



  • I need guyabano leaves if someone can help me… Pls text me 09178475362

    • Hi Jenna,
      I am here in THE PROVINCE OF CEBU,PHILIPPINES.Last week my daughter told me that many people worldwide looking for GUYABANO LEAVES (soursop).I would like to market some or make it a business whatever,since we have lots of it in our farm.If we can help each other vice versa,why not? it could be better for the sake of healthy living.But what kind of process would you like me to do by sending to you?HERE IS MY NUMBER( 09329230615-Jun R. ) I wish to have a response from you soon.


  • me too; i’m willing to send naturally grown guyabano leaves from the mountain (air dried or fresh). just send your order at 09997656183.

    • My coworker went to the Philippines. Brought some leaves and shared with me. I was so bless that she did. I feel Amazing!!:) I been fell Sluggish and had bad Circulation. Since I been taking the tea a feel wonder full I feel with energy. The sad thing is I’m out of them. Can you pls send me
      Some Pls!!!

  • im willing to send fresh and dried leaves to the needy please send me message 09352734682 09478617297

  • Hi! It’s nice to know that many of you are interested in guyabano and even sending them to those in need, some are even very kind-hearted for doing it for free.
    I am from Manila, an my mother is going to South Carolina, USA via NY this month. My sister asked her to bring guyabano leaves. Do you know if it is legal to bring dried guyabano leaves there or do we have to provide papers for them?
    Thank you!

  • Hi all…kindly send your email add to me then if you need some leaves even seeds,,ill send it to you..

    Tnx,,,god bless

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    • I will be really appreciated! I been feeling Amazing! While drinking the tea but Run out! :(

  • according from the experrt of UPLB Dr. Adalla, she is also a consultant of DZMM radio sa kabukiran hosted by agriculturist multi-awarded Mr. Luie Tabing; do not make concoction using an aluminum cookwares (beware of chemical reaction, it may add illness to your body), use only stainless steel cookwares. Do not close your cook ware during cooking, let it open to release the toxic substances from the leaf. dont used guyabano leaves from the polluted areas because leaves absorbs heavy metals from the vehicles etc.air dried your leaves from non polluted environment. beware of buying leaves, if the source is not reliable. dont dry your leaves using papers, all papers treated with chemical to whitened the color. just hang your leaves under the roof, dont exposed to the sun during drying,

    • Sa group po ninyo nila Mr. Loui Tabing, sino po kaya ang pwede naming makunan ng guyabano leaves? Please text me at 09205300624. Nasa Manila po ako.

  • hi! im willing to send free guyabano leaves those who are in need of it. just pm me at my fb acct. maricar boragay. GOD BLESS!

  • hi gud eve. Sino po gusto ng guayabano leaves pls add me in my fb and email account . Hnge lng ako kunte tulong sa inyo lng po kung magkan0 bgay nyo. Kasali na po ung byad ng shpment. Tanx po godblesz.

  • For those who need guyabano leaves,fresh or air dried,kindly send me an email or pm me: It’s a first come, first serve basis. Rest assured that i will send the guyabano leaves the soonest possible when the fees are available. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi all…kindly send your email add to me then if you need some leaves even seeds,,ill send it to you..

    Tnx,,,god bless

    • hello, i need some seed of guyabano, are selling it. Please pm me thanks.

    • I have Thyroid cancer and have been looking for a source of leaves and seeds.
      I will be happy to pay for them. I live in the United States. And would be truly greatful to be able to get this life saving medicine. My email is

    • hi i am in need of Guyabano leaves. If you are selling it, how much do they cost? thanks

    • Hi really need help guyabano leaves and seeds please for my dad

      • I am ombeth from mindanao i have a lot of dry guyabano leaves 200 per kilo dry leaves

        • I want to order 2 kilos of guyabano leaves. please contact me at my cellphone 09205300624. I am here in Manila

  • I need Guyabanoleaves for 30 days cure im living herein Cairo Egypt. would u pls somebody tell me how i can have it. thanks a lot

  • You can order air dried, shredded leaves, ready for simmering from Ms. Reyes at the link “Guyabano Against Cancer and Other Diseases l Questions and Answers…”

  • anyone wants guyabano leaves? i will send it to you for free but you have to send me money for the courier… thanks

    • yes please can you send these leaves to me. i;ll send you the money for shipping.

  • Where can you buy these leaves from and what about the seeds. I would like to buy the seeds to.

    • seeds are claimed poisonous.

  • nice! very informative. but can you help me where can I buy freash guyabano leaves..’ thank you so much

    • how many leaves do you want

  • nice information!.. where can I buy bundle of guyabano leaves.. and its seeds..

  • send it to whom????

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