Can Malunggay Really Increase Breast Milk ?

Uncle planted  malunggay tree beside their house. It was a request of her wife. The plant is known for its galactogogue effect, can increase the amount of breast milk. Human milk is recommended by experts. Consuming malunggay and preparations with malunggay leaves and pods can save money and make a child healthier.

The next was about sister-in-law. She started to take lots of malunggay leaves on the onset of her pregnancy. She was also making a malunggay tea in case her husband never wanted to eat it. The result: She barely had breast milk three days after baby’s birth. She was very frustrated but she continued eating the leaves.

My wife did the same when she was pregnant. She started eating malunggay the first day she discovered that she was carrying a baby. She wanted more breast milk for her future baby. She got angry every time I forgot to get some leaves. The excuse,”the leaves were too high and unreachable” did not worked. I should  climb the fragile malunggay tree – it was really risky! The result: She barely had breast milk. She pumped her breast for few weeks to help induce milk production but we failed. The milk production ceased after few weeks.

The same thing happened to my other auntie. She ate lots of malunggay leaves but she barely had breast milk.

I am not discouraging anyone to stop taking malunggay leaves or stop anyone believing that it is a galactogogue. I am just wondering if it is really effective.  It might be effective only to those capable of producing normal quantity of human milk!

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