Mangosteen Healthy Concoction – The Update

I doubted my work because of some nasty mold that grew on top. This would never have happened if I did an extra effort of getting weights that would sink all the woody mangosteen peels. After few days, the surface of floating peels dried sufficiently allowing the growth of native fungal spores. The air entering the lid of loosely capped jar helped its progress.

The actual plan was to harvest the setup after 15 days. However, the unexpected mold growth appeared. I set it aside for later disposal.

Lately, our friend Dennis saw the product in question. He said, white mold growth on top is natural and won’t do any harm. The mold that should be avoided are black types. The growth are just on top. It can be removed easily by scooping with spoon. If anyone is still in doubt, it can be poured to plant media  – beneficial for plants growth. Make another batch and do some extra measures to prevent the molds.

I visited the three jars again after over one month. Instead of disposing, I scooped out the molds on top. Placed them on pot of soil for later use. I also removed the peels, including the mango flesh and put them to pot. The two jars with minimal molds smelled like delectable wines while the jar with top covered entirely with molds smelled slightly bad. I save the first two jars and the latter – thrown it again to pot.

first jarsecond jarremoving third jar mold growthafter mold removal

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  1. The final product Marvin as you can see is perfect. That is now full with health benefits from mangosteen. you may drink a jigger of it (~30ml). You can try also our favorite 3C (cucumber, carrots, celery). Same process of fermentation. Same ration 1:1:1:1 (cucumber: carrots:celery:brown sugar/muscovado) .You get the 3C extract and the residue (sapal) is very good pickle (atsara)….You also get all the heath benefits of the carrots, cucumber and celery. It is a diuretic, an elixir and an appetizer too. You can take this also rejuvenate you tiredness or fatigue. For a sound sleep, drink 60ml before bedtime. This one you should leave loosely tightened after the 15 day fermentation, as a caution, since it is still in the fermentation process (strong effervescence) though it can be use already…and to stop fermentation you can put it inside the ref.
    BTW, the mangosteen is called FFJ (fermented fruit juice) and the 3C is call FPJ (fermented plant juice…..not to be mistaken with our idol in the movie. hehehe

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