Mangosteen, In The Flesh

Wow! Mangosteen.

mangosteen fruitsHow much?

It cost 100 pesos per kilogram.

Where did it came from?

The seller said it came from Davao. Okay. I get it. It traveled all the way from Davao to Indang. It explains why it cost so much. Adding the fact that it is a well-known health fruit.  I cannot imagine how much it will cost me if I travel to Davao just to buy mangosteen.

I bought half kilo for the price of 50 pesos. About six pieces mangosteen fruits. I think the price is not as expensive as I thought, considering the price of locally produce dragon fruit is about as much.

The seller reminds me that I am really paying for the peels and not for the flesh. I feel that she is true to her words. She is keeping several peels on her side. I also read many articles about this mangosteen. The fruit is valued for its peels. Drinking tea extracted from peels is a good habit.

The large stalks are obviously included in price computation. I hope they are healthy too.

The dark read skin looks tough but it is soft and can be readily broken with bare hands. Inside are several seeds which have close resemblance to santol. Small seeds have no real seeds while the large have, see image below. The white cottony pulp  gives a sudden burst of extreme sourness and a mild sweet taste in the end.

mangosteen seeds pulp cottonymangosteen large seed pulp peelmangosteen seed pulpI am going to try my self-prepared mangosteen tea next time.

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