When the Meat Cube / Powder is Meatier than Real Meat

The viand was tinola. I hurriedly went to dining to table to eat. I sipped some soup. The taste was so good. After several scoop, all I got were papaya slices and soup. No chicken meat?

Mom said, “Sorry, the chicken escaped!”

I got it. It was a tinola with no chicken meat. She probably used a chicken cube or powder to mimic the taste of a real chicken.cube

In case a recipe requires one kilogram of meat, the cook should buy one kilo. Reducing the amount will result to reduced taste quality, unless all other ingredients will be reduced too. A commercially prepared meat cube or powder can replace what it loss. In most cases, complete meat absence does not make any difference. Except the fact the there is no meat.

Which is meatier? A real meat or a commercially prepared cube / powder? How can a fake be meatier the real?

A commercially prepared cooking mix is a heavily processed product with various amounts of natural and artificial ingredients. Perhaps it is more than 50% artificial. Extracting meat flavor from real meat and concentrating it to a small package would be costly. One sachet would cost more than one kilo of real.

An artificial can really be more delectable than natural. Anything with an exceptional taste should be eaten in moderation or should not be eaten at all.

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