Siling Labuyo, Sea Salt and Fertilized Eggs as Diabetes Cure

Diabetes is not cause by eating sweets. Instead, it is caused by lack of six specific minerals, namely:

1) vanadium
2) copper
3) zinc
4) manganese
5) chromium
6) Gymnema sylvestre

The last one is plant, not mineral. I repeated the video several times and I am sure I heard it correct.

If your body has the six, you can eat candies, chocolates and all the sweets you want without the risk of elevated blood sugar.

Then he stated the guaranteed five minutes diabetic cure. I mean if experiencing elevated blood sugar attack. This formula will get it back to normal in just five minutes.

1) Get 12 pieces native chilis or siling labuyo.
2) Chopped finely.
3) Put in glass with two pieces fresh raw eggs. Mix well.
4) Add 1/2 teaspoon sea salt.
5) Drink straight.
6) Drink water after.

Do this on full stomach to counteract chili hotness.

Eggs should be fertilized eggs. Those that came from grocery shelves and sari-sari stores are table eggs. Nearby hatchery and native chicken farms are good source of these.

It can also help cure kidney problems, he added.

So it is not a cure. A temporary remedy instead.

The statement was made by Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco, Doctor of Metabolic Medicine. An 82 year old Filipino Doctor. It was aired by Panay News/Reklamo Publiko. Uploaded to Facebook Page of Pinay Astig.

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  1. I followed this advise, it worked. From 242, my lab tests resulted to 78. I did it every morning for 15days straight.

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