Midnight Meal/Snack Can Make You Fat?

It was 11pm already. It was time to go to bed. But before that I got some snack and ate. Spent few minutes finishing up articles then slept.

The regular meal is three times a day. The  breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus the two snacks in between, total of five. The midnight meal or snack is not necessary. People should be sleeping from around 8-9pm to 5-6am. The body metabolism during sleep is slow, the energy consumption is slow.

Base from the above paragraph, midnight meal is not needed and it tend to make you gain extra weight. It this true?

The answer depends upon the situation. In my case, I am spending the night up to 11-12pm working. Writing blogs and doing other stuffs. The food I ate during dinner is burned already before midnight. My stomach will surely crave if I never ate anything. I only ate enough to satisfy my hunger. Eating too much will surely make me fat.

Some people have an erratic form of job. They are doing a day shift or night shift work. Eating a midnight meal during night work is a necessity. They won’t be effective if they don’t eat.

Getting fat is possible if one is just waking up in the middle of the  night just to eat and sleep after. Or, he is eating too much.

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