Health Benefits of Muscovado Sugar (Mascabado)

This sugar  cost 140 pesos per kilo.  Why does this sugar cost much?

The name muscovado is derived from the Spanish word “mascabado” which means  unrefined. It is natural cane sugar and can be compared to pure honey in terms of health benefits. Although it is not better than honey.  Sugar cane juice is heated  until it forms unrefined sugar . The procedure is similar to production of coconut sugar.  It does not undergo extensive processing which may add some harmful substances  and remove the essential minerals.  Unlike honey this sugar cannot contain any vitamins, heating process might have degraded it all.

Reports say that muscovado is high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron, among other useful compounds. Wow! I better use this sugar.  I never say to use it like there’s no tomorrow.  Over use  gonna stock up calories in your belly.


Mineral content of Muscovado Sugar (per 100g):

* Total mineral salts 740 mg max.
* Phosphorus (P) 3.9 mg max.
* Calcium (Ca) 85 mg max.
* Magnesium (Mg) 23 mg max.
* Potassium (K) 100 mg max.
* Iron (Fe) 1.3 mg max

Are you willing to spend extra cash for this exotic sugar?

6 Replies to “Health Benefits of Muscovado Sugar (Mascabado)”

    1. It is still way too low in your local. Here in Cavite, it cost 100 to 160 per kilo. If only I have teleportation trick of Son Goku and flying speed of Superman, I will go there and buy some for my bean-to-bar chocolate business.

  1. Is brown sugar similar in chemical composition to Muscovado or Raw Sugar?
    Is it a low GI sugar and therefore better for diabetics instead of refined white sugar. Are all brown sugar processed the same way, because you can get brown sugar as “light” or “golden”. Are those variations due to processing or to other “coloring agents” possibly added such as caramel? Thank, as always.

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