NAN AL 110 for Babies with Diarrhea

We temporarily replaced baby’s milk with NAN AL 110 while she has diarrhea. Her pediatrician said, it is really recommended when baby is suffering from such condition. Regular milk feeding should resume upon fully recovered.

Nestle NAN AL 110. Lactose Free, for lactose intolerance. Protein source from modified cow’s milk. I am not sure if other lactose free brands are recommended replacement or not.

NAN AL 110 lactose free  medical formulaA bland milk – no lactose, no sucrose and no cow’s milk either. I inspected the ingredient list carefully and I saw no cow’s milk. However, there is a milk component which is the whey protein.

It has several additional warnings and reminders which are not found in other regular milk formulas.

1) Not to be used for parental administration.

2) Note: Used only the enclosed scoop. Do not change proportions without medical advice.

3) It is a whey-adapted specialty formula for the dietary management of lactose intolerance.

4) It is suitable as the sole source of nutrition for infants when breastfeeding is contraindicated on medical grounds.

5) It is a lactose and sucrose free milk intended for feeding of infants when lactose should be avoided.

6) When foods other than formula are introduced, they should be selected carefully in order to be in line with the current therapy, such as absence of lactose.

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  1. Hi to all mommies here:) My baby first milk is Promil Gold but his always popo time to time and it so soft. Which I think his not suitable for Promil. From promil I gave him a NAN PRO but then it has the same reaction with promil he always popo 3x a day. So I switch to NAN AL 110 2days of using now still hes popo so wet and soft.For now I’m trying to consume his 400g of NAN AL 110 since its 2 days of using this milk if he is suitable for this kind of milk made by nestle.

    1. Hi. Babies’ stools are normally soft. But “soft” is different from “watery.” My eldest is now almost 2 years old and from the time of her birth, until now, she still “poops” more than twice a day. Her pediatrician said, that it is normal to poop more than twice a day especially when the baby eats a lot of food/drinks a lot of milk everyday. There has been a time that I also had that same problem of yours. I was using Similac, then i noticed my baby is having difficulty defecating, so I switched to S-26, at first my baby was okay with it but after a few days her stool became watery, so before I changed her milk again, I brought her to her pediatrician and sought professional help. That was when I was told to use Enfalac. Finally my baby became okay with it. So I continued feeding her the “Enfa” milk series (Enfalac, Enfapro, Enfagrow) and now she’s drinking Enfagrow A+ 1-3. I believe the appropriateness of the formula milk to be used would differ for each baby (as for the case of my 1 year old she’s lactose intolerant so I had to use Lactose Free milks). So, the best advice that I can give you is to consult a pediatrician whenever you notice something wrong with your baby, and if your baby is below 1 year old, it is really advisable that you consult a pediatrician whenever you want/need to change the formula milk you are using, because infants are really very sensitive. On top of that, just because you did not consult a doctor, you end up buying “these” and “that” but not getting any good result (waste of money and effort), aside from that, conditions might only get from “bad” to “worse” (you wouldnt want that). What works for others, may not work for you. I hope this helped you make a better decision on what to do. Best regards!

  2. my baby has diahria i bought nan al 110 but i dont know how to feed it to him…is it one is to one also???

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