Nasunin in Eggplant Peels | Antioxidant, Brain Food and Anti-Cancer

Eggplant is a great plant to have. Plant several in front yard or backyard. It also grow well in pots. It is a low maintenance crop – able to bear fruits with less care. It can be prepared into five easy recipes. Items one to four suit well for lazy persons or individuals with tight budget.

purple eggplant

1) Inihaw na talong. Broil over ember until the skin became almost burnt and wrinkled. Dip in sauce, mixture of soy sauce and calamansi. Skin is tough and often discarded.

2) Tortang talong. Broil eggplant as instructed above. Remove the skin. Flatten. Dip in beaten egg and fry.

3) Pritong talong. Fry and dip in sauce. I do this the least cause it is able to absorbed a lot of oil.

4) Nilagang talong. Boil in water until tender. Dip in sauce.

5) Pinakbet. Cook it with okra, tomatoes, ampalaya, bagoong, onions, garlic and other spices.

I prefer broiled, torta, and fried eggplant than nilaga and pinakbet. The first three recipes bring out the best flavor.

We should plant and eat eggplant not just because it’s an easy to prepare vegetable. It has more benefits than what we thought. It contains a unique antioxidant “nasunin”. It resides within the eggplant skin. So eating it but discarding the skin is a grave mistake. has a detailed information about the antioxidant. To sum up:

1) Nasunin collects excess free iron to prevent damage to brain cells and the rest of nervous system.

2) It has anti-cancer property. It prevents the formation of new blood vessels thus depriving cancer cells of nutrients and eventually causing cell death.

On the contrary, it maybe bad for pregnant women and persons suffering from anemia.

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