The Mouthwash With No Alcohol

The television advertisement says, brushing is not enough. You should wash your mouth with our mouthwash product after brushing your teeth. Well, I admit, their first claim seems true to me. I am trying to keep my mouth and teeth clean by brushing regularly, but I still occasionally suffer canker sore and swelling gums. The bad thing is, the pain it is causing also makes my eyes and head feel achy.

The second claim seems true too. Regular mouthwash use prevents the occurrence of both disorders. However, its use also makes my mouth dry and susceptible to cough. Occasional coughing begin after few days of regular use. I had an experience when I had to stop using the specific mouthwash to help cure my severe cough then suffered a swollen gums afterwards.

Then a no-alcohol mouthwash was recommended to me. Hmm! It seems the alcohol ingredient is responsible for my mouth dryness.  I have to find a mouthwash with no alcohol.

Here! I found the AstringOsol Ice Cool Tri Defense. The label says it has no alcohol. I gonna try a bottle and see if it suits me.

astringosol ice cool tri defense no alcoholastringosol back labelOn the side. The cap looks like a mini drinking cup which really serve the purpose of taking a sip. It has a lock mechanism which prevents a child from opening and drinking the contents. However, a persistent child could still open it with a little extra effort.

astringosol cap

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