Disadvantages of Using Disposable Spoon and Fork

I was wondering why my hot coffee taste awful. I used the same fresh coffee and same kind of sugar as before. Measurements were exactly right. All the equipment and utensils used are washed properly. Water is not the culprit either. I took off the disposable plastic spoon and noticed the deformation. Perhaps it was the source of bad taste!

Disposable spoons are annoying, the reason why I never want eating at two popular fast food chains in the country. Not strong enough to break apart fried chicken legs or a piece of pork. It often bends or breaks. The crew will gladly give a replacement but will also end up to previous incident.

I often encounter it during seminars and workshops. Providing metal counterpart is ideal but the chance of losses is high. Attendees are likely to hide utensils intentionally or by accidents. Disposables will prevent losses and minimizes cleanup. No washing needed and never mind if the attendees brought it home.

Disposables tend to offend customers and attendees, especially if a hard food is included in menu. Using plastic spoon and fork is not enjoyable. It breaks or bends. Caution is needed to use it properly.

Disposable spoons are not to be served with hot coffee. Some of them are not made to resist high temperatures. Deformation will occur. Some components will migrate to food giving it a bad taste. It could also be a health hazard.

I tried soaking two different brand of disposable spoons in recently boiled water for few minutes. One of them was deformed, the other was not.


two plastic spoons


deformed plastic spoons

The long term effect. If recycling is not done, they will file up as garbage. They will contribute to earth pollution and destruction.

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