No Ads For Sugary Drinks

Those advertisements are too annoying. About three fourths of the broadcast were ads. The movie was too short and even cut shorter in the end. I barely understood what I intended to watch. What imprinted to my mind was the toothpaste brand that was repeatedly screened. Come to think of it, it was their ultimate motive. Show the product to watching public again and again until people perceived the brand as product itself. Buying in the name of Colgate when what we really want is Close-Up. Force our mind into something that we don’t usually do. If we feel thirst, drink cola. If we feel hunger then prepare instant noodles. If we want pack snack and lunch we sort to instant juice drink and packaged biscuits.

The government, in hope to battle the health issues caused by sugary drinks put a levy on such. If manufacturers pass the extra cost to consumer shoulder, with 100% expectation, then many may discontinue buying. Those target mostly class D market. Price increase is sure a big blow.

Wait! People buy base on what? They buy base on what they deem is popular. What their idol endorsed. Even if it is of not nutritional value. Products which targets child population are much harder to handle. What do you usually do if your kids want something and playing tantrums? Just give in to put the scene on halt.

So non stop ads is part of the problem. Such junks if not popular and bearing high price tags won’t catch people attention much. FYI, Public Health of England is implementing such. Any drinks that they find with too much sugar have their ads regulated.

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