Nestle Zero Fat and No Added Sugar Mango Ice Cream

Craving for ice cream but dying to loose fat? Oil is one of ice cream ingredients so gaining fat from eating such is likely. The non-fat or the zero fat alternative might be right for you, like this one!

nestle zero fat ice cream

How true? The nutrition facts clearly states that it really contains no fat. As added bonus, it has no added sugar either. The 14 grams of carbohydrates might came from the flavor itself (mango and milk). Ignore the value and eat the ice cream. Do not expect the manufacturer to remove those carbs – it cost a lot.

ice cream nutrition facts

Carbohydrates are source of energy. Avoiding too much is bad. Doing daily routine might be hard if you do.

Instead of using table sugar or aspartame, the product has inulin and sucralose as sweetener. Inulin. Can be 10% as sweet as sugar. Helps increase calcium and magnesium absorption. Can replace sugar, fat or flour. Contains 25-35% less energy than carbohydrates. Sucralose. It is 600 times as sweet as sugar. Could be a healthier alternative cause health issues regarding this sweetener is rare. Popular brand is Splenda.

Time to eat.

scooping ice cream

This ice cream is awesome. I feel like eating real mangoes.

Like other foods, some ingredients are declared in their generic names. Is it hard to list the specific names of the following? 1) bulking agents, 2) stabilizer, 3) emulsifier, 4) food colors, 6) food acids, and 7) nature identical flavors.

ice cream ingredient list

The product is exclusively available at Mercury Drug for 153 pesos per 450 ml cup.

approximate downward measurement


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