Saying No to A Go Large and Up Size Option

The fast food service crew often ask me, “Go large po yung drink sir or up size po sir?” The crew is referring to  beverage that is included in the meal package. My answer is always “No”. I just want a small regular size drink.

A regular size drink is often enough to quench my thirst. I am getting a drinking water in case not. Besides, the real thirst quencher is pure water and not any other flavored drink. Sweetened water is not good for removing thirst cause molecules are bound to sugars and other flavor components.

Getting a large drink during long travel is not a good idea. It makes me pee often, about every 15 to 30 minutes interval for two hours. Controlling a pee for that period feels like hell.

The large beverage option is not part of the budget meal package. Few coins should be added to get the option. It is a part of restaurant’s strategy to boost sales. It is like a fried rice with a dumpling option. The extra dumpling have an added cost of about 30 pesos.

More of it will not do any benefit. Larger means more calories and more unhealthy food components. On the other hand, natural fruit juices are beneficial. A go large choice is healthy.

Often, the go large or up size option is only for  soda beverages, not for healthier drink like orange and pineapple.

In the end, my choice is always pineapple or tea.

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