I Can Now Endure Eating a Non-Rice Breakfast

I was used to eating rice every morning. I feel weak whenever taking other meals. In fact, I still have to eat rice even if I already consumed five pandesals and a cup of coffee.

Guess what! I have been eating only pandesal every morning for the fast few weeks. My mother-in-law who was taking taking care of our baby girl go for a month vacation. My wife becomes very busy that she could not prepare an early breakfast. I could not do it either so I have been hooked by the nearest alternative, the pandesal.

I tried and endured it for one week. Did the same for the second week. Now, I can eat pandesal every morning without the odd weakness feeling. That odd feeling perhaps lies all in my mind.

I think the same goes for people who eat potato as main source of energy, take oatmeat for breakfast instead of white rice, just eat instant noondles instead of a healthy diet and this ice cold macaroni salad.  All meal listed basically give the same thing, energy giving carbohydrates. The feeling of fulfillment relies on mindset and not the real body requirements.

wendy's chilled macaroni side saladmacaroni side salad

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