When The Corn Color is Odd and Beautiful!

What is the color of your corn? Perhaps it is golden yellow, the sweet corn, because your a lover of a sweet thing. Else, probably it is a pale yellow. A regular corn that is not as sweet but tastes as good.

I first saw corns with odd looking colors in magazine. To make the explaining short. It was like assorted marbles attached patiently to corn cobs. It was more like of an adornment instead of food. I wouldn’t believe it was edible if the magazine didn’t said so.

The corns I was talking about were results of genetic engineering done by Japanese researchers. From then on, I am always thinking all the corns with colors other than yellow are all genetically engineered species. Plants that were made to boost production, solve food shortage problems, but have questionable safety.

So what I was thinking when I saw these corns during the recently concluded Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink 2013? I was thinking they were all product of plant engineering. However, a pure purple corn really do exist in natural habitat.  Popular rice color is white as a result of polishing. Unpolished version is brown but there are also red and black from inside and out. So I maybe partially wrong.

The three corn varieties might not be genetically engineered. The Tricolor F1, Pure Purple F1 and Purple Sweet F1.

tricolor purple sweet pure corn f1So what are those F1s mean?

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