Okra Health and Medicinal Benefits

1) Low in calories but rich in dietary fiber. Excellent source of Vitamin A, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin K and other important minerals. It can be eaten raw, boiled, pickled, fried or as ingredient in variety of dishes.

2) Fruit syrup is useful for relieving soar throat and or cough irritation.

3) Leaves used as emollient poultice – like a crushed herbs for relieving pain. crushed litlit, ikmo, banana stem, mayana, ginger and papaya are other examples of poultice. Pantapal ika nga.

4) Leaves as demulcent for gonorrhea and dysuria – a difficult and painful urination. Gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease, STD, cause by a bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Accompanied by pain during urination and sexual organ discharge for both men and women. Demulcent, an agent that forms a soothing film over a mucous membrane, relieving minor pain and inflammation of the membrane. E.g syrup, honey, glycerin and pectin.

5) Boiled young fruit for catarrh, urinary troubles, luecorrhea. Relieving chronic dysentery. As aphrodisiac or love potion. For spermatorrhea – an excessive and accidental ejaculation which may reflect kidney problems. Catarrh is inflammation of the mucous membrane or body cavities. Luecorrhea is a thick whitish to yellowish vaginal discharge cause by estrogen imbalance, infection or STD.

6) Boiled roots are effective remedy for syphilis. Syphilis is another sexually transmitted disease cause by Treponema pallidum.

7) Seed paste and milk mixture is an effective itchiness relief. As antispasmodic – suppresses spasms or the involuntary contraction of muscles.

Disclaimer: It was not stated that okra can cure STD’s. It is only used as remedy. The sooting relief is due to mucilage which gives slimy texture.


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