Curing Pimples With Pineapple Juice

Every time you wake up, you get out of bed immediately and brush your teeth. Take a nice cold bath. Eat boiled egg and fried rice for breakfast. Wear the most hated school uniform. Brush hair and go to school in a haze. Wait! You are forgetting something. You forgot to look at yourself in front of the mirror. Maybe you just forgot or really intended to. You hate seeing yourself  because to the annoying pimples.

Well, having pimples is a natural phenomenon. Its a part of adolescence years, cause by hormonal changes in body. Pimples will go out on their own and time will come that they wills top sprouting. Proper diet exercise and good night sleep helps stop pimples. Do the hard work first. After trying the mentioned methods and pimples keep on coming, then its time to get your favorite pineapple.


Wash the ripe pineapple thoroughly. Peel off all the skins and remove the crown. Slice them to bite sizes and start munching. Eating this fruit will help lessen your depression a bit. Eating pineapple is not the real purpose. Pineapple can help speed up the drying of stupid pimples. Get a piece of cotton and wet it with pineapple juice. Gently scrub it on affected areas and patiently wait for the results.

Getting angry with pimples will not make them go away. Hot tempered and depression can add to pimples’ population.

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