Pediatrician Recommends Plain Taho for our Baby

We went to pediatrician clinic for our baby’s measles immunization and regular check-up. The doctor made sure the he was free from any illness before administering the drug. Our baby boy caught a cold recently but he is well now.

Before leaving the clinic we asked the doctor what food he can eat, in addition to his current food list. He is now eating fruits, vegetables and some cereal products (apples, papaya, squash, plain biscuits, rice, potato and camote). The doctor told us that he can now eat plain taho, no syrup and sago. Taho is recommended as alternative source of protein.

The day after, I heard the taho vendor shouting. I immediately called the attention of my wife to buy plain taho and the regular taho with syrup and sago. The first was for my baby and the latter was for me.

flavored and plain taho

Plain taho taste good even without the syrup and sago. Our baby boy really like it.

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