Pork Has 14 Times More Pesticides Than Plants

An average serving of pork has 14 times more pesticides than plant. I read this shocking statement from Health and Home magazine. I was not able to get the research source because it was not clearly stated. The first question that will come in your mind is how the pesticides got into pork meat.

Pesticides might be in form of antibiotics, growth promotants, supplements other anti disease medicines. Hogs need several shots of those medicines during the course of their life, average of three months for fattener.pork meat illustrations

Animal feeds ingredients consist of meat, fish, and plants that might be contaminated with chemicals from fertilizers, feeds, insecticides, herbicides and other foreign objects. Some chemicals are intentionally added to feed stuffs – growth promotants and nutrient supplements. A fattener eats twice a day for three months.

Pig pens need regular disinfection to kill microorganisms that might cause diseases. This chemical might be absorb by animals through consumption of feeds and water.

The meat itself can be consider as silent pesticide. The teeth and digestive system of human is not designed to eat meat. Our teeth resembles the teeth of other ruminants like goat, cow and horse . Have you seen a ruminant feeding on meat? To make the claim more convincing, many of the life threatening diseases are related to consumption of pork and other animal meat.

On the other hand, eating plants (fruits and vegetables) is very healthy. They contain almost no waste product that need to be excreted by our system. Although plants may also contain chemicals by application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The risk involve in consumption is still low compared to eating pork. Most of the chemicals plants contain are on surface and can be removed by thorough washing.

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