Poultry Ban from China and Vietnam to Prevent H5N1 Entry

Technology advancement is fast. I was using a typewriter before. Now I am using a laptop computer. The invented robots are becoming more and more intelligent. Hydrogen powered vehicles are on its way. The development in medicine is also advancing but it is not as fast as the development of diseases. It seems that diseases research department are very intelligent.

The perfect example is the H5N1 influenza virus. A new virus strain was discovered in areas of China and Vietnam.

Few years ago, some experts forecasted the possible existence of a deadlier H5N1 strain. Their forecast turned to reality. There might be someone intelligent enough and did the genetic engineering. The new strain developed on its own rather.

So much for the big talk. We must act promptly to prevent its entrance to our archipelago. BAI is doing its part.

The Bureau of Animal Industry now prohibits the importation of poultry and related products from China and Vietnam. The measure is being implemented to prevent the possible entry of the new H5N1 flu virus. According to reports, the new flu virus strain is more potent and deadlier.

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