Soon To Be A Prescription Milk Formula

I was standing at front of hospital emergency room. A guard near me was listening  for instruction of his boss through a two way radio. The instruction was simple. Inspect all the baggage of visiting people. A body inspection should also be done. Any form of commercial milk  should be confiscated. The one carrying the forbidden commodity will be stripped of the right to enter hospital premises.

My better half barely had breastmilk after giving birth. The nurse asked me to buy commercial infant formula cause our newborn baby must drink milk.  It was obvious that this hospital never forbid the use of commercial formula. I was very thankful that my wife gave birth in this hospital. My son would starve if born in hospital I mentioned in the first paragraph.

I noticed this statement written on milk package. The use of milk supplement must only be upon the advice of health professional. The unnecessary and improper use of this product might be dangerous to your child’s health.

commercial milk warning sign

The fact is always a fact. Breastmilk is still the best for babies up to two years of age. And it is a mandatory statement on every infant formula. The authorities might have thought of another mandatory statement, telling the consumer that use of commercial formula might be dangerous.

First, the hospital was prohibiting the use of commercial infant formula. Second, the milk statement itself. It seemed discouraging the consumer to use it. What is next? They might line it as prescription drug. Anyone should seek pediatrician’s written letter before buying milk.

Breastmilk is still the best for babies up to two years of age, if the mother is able to produce sufficient amount of milk.

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