PCA Wants to Prove the Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Philippine Coconut Authority is hiring Researchers to conduct ultimate medical study to prove that virgin coconut oil and coconut cooking oil are good for the health. The notice was posted on Department of Agriculture website last October 13, 2010.

virgin coconut oil label

Nine years ago, the launch of virgin coconut was very successful. It gained a rapid market popularity due to its claimed health benefits. The benefits to human health are countless. VCO can be used for hair care, stress relief, skin care, premature aging, heart diseases, weight loss, digestion, immunity, healing and infections. It is believed to reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, HIV and other degenerative diseases.

However, any claim should be accompanied by scientific evidence to gain credibility. Series of proven studies will increase the demand for our very own virgin coconut oil and cooking oil.

Can virgin coconut oil cure dengue? Authorities should also give emphasis to other natural medicines like tawa tawa/ gatas gatas weed. More and more people are getting the deadly dengue disease. Testimonies of patients cured by tawa tawa are increasing. But still, authorities are discouraging the public not to use this alternative medicine. They should also conduct studies about tawa tawa so they can give the right advice.

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