The Purple Sweet Potato

Suddenly, I was intrigued with the sweet potato color.  Kamote were not created equal. The common color I see is dirty white and others are orange and purple.  The one we are currently eating has white and purple shade. Who knows, genetically modified blue and green might have been invented already and began circulating. It is not impossible, the GMO multi-colored corn  was introduced several years ago.

peeled purple sweet potato

We used to harvest white kamote but we like more the variety bought from public market. The orange and sometimes purple shades. Their taste sweeter and the appearance is more pleasing to the eye.

Sweet potato color differences is attributed to amount of antioxidant it contain. The more intense the color is the more antioxidant it has. If we base it on color differences alone, the white gets the lowest score.

We made the right choice but planting the wrong variety. Too bad, father never had access to those.

The yellow to orange color is attributed to high beta carotene content. Essential for maintaining good eye health. Eat more if you have incoming school examinations. You know what I mean! The bad thing you do when you never know the answer.

The purple sweet potato is the healthiest of them all. Anthocyanins are responsible for purple color. It is the priority whenever possible. Choose orange in case the first is not available. This is often the case as purple is not common. Opting for white is not a bad choice either. Kamote is one of the healthiest food after all.

More Trivia: Purple pigment can be extracted and use as food coloring. Color changes depending on pH. Pink to raspberry red in pH 3, grape in pH 4 and blue in pH 7.

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