More PYY Hormone for Weight Loss?

There are times I can’t resist eating too much. My stomach still feels hungry after eating a heavy meal. This is not always the case anyway. I often eat just enough.pyy hormone

I already heard stories from several obese  persons. They really wanted to loose weight but they just can’t control the urge. They keep on filling excess amount of energy.  They still feel hungry after eating a moderate meal.

Endocrinologist Steve Blooms found out the cause of penomenon. People who have more PYY hormone after a meal tend to eat less while people who have less of the said hormone tend to do the reverse. According to their study, persons injected with PYY hormone ate less up to 12 hour period.

A PYY injection is suggested to help obese  individuals to loose wait but further studies proved it not significant. A person with high levels of PYY might still be obese. In addition, high protein diet

According to wiki, PYY is a short protein released by cells in the ileum and colon in response to feeding. It reduces appetite. PYY is Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine.

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