Radon, Naturally Occuring Cancer Causing Substance

Too much sun exposure may cause skin cancer. Until yesterday, I’ve always though that it is the only natural force of nature that causes. It boggled me to discover one more, the radon.

It is cancer causing radioactive gas. It cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. It is like notorious criminal. It will rob and injure you suddenly without warning.

Radon became one of the leading cause of lung cancer in the US. It is the number one cause among the non-smokers, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate. Younger population are at higher risk. Cigarette smoking and high radon levels put the smoker at higher risk. That is due to synergistic action of cigarette smoke and radon.

Where can be found?

It is naturally occuring radioactive gas which comes from natural breakdown of uranium, through another atom known as radium. Found in igneous rock and soil, and water in some case.

US has maps showing danger zones. I cannot find any for Philippines. Maybe we are safer or maybe not. Or, maybe we are not giving it enough attention. Dirty politics is more important to us.

Chances are we are already inhaling it since time immemorial. For emphasis, we have here igneous rock, soil and water.

Concerned? Add it as one of criteria when choosing place to build home. In case you are already settled, there are ways to check radon emmision and control it to acceptable levels.

Additional note:

Staying in confined area such as caves and poorly ventilated building underground increase the risk of radon exposure.

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