Reader's Input: Medicinal Uses of Uray Tea

We made a scientific project last year about the uses of uray plants. We made tea out of it intended to cure diabetes. But later we found out that it has many uses too,like antimalarial,anti ulcer and many readers

We did not have much time to test it,because we made the procedures a day before the deadline. The product came out fine,and I asked the class where i am reporting if anyone wants to try it. They are afraid to taste it ,so I took a drink from the cup to prove to them that it’s not poisonous. So one student stepped forward and taste the tea. When we came back to our classroom,my classmates saw the product and want to taste it. About 15 or more students drank the tea.

The day after that, two of my friends,who drank the uray tea,complained that they experienced diarrhea and their menstrual flow stopped. So I become worried that all who drank the product might be poisoned. As for me , I did not feel anything. I asked those who tried the uray tea if there had been a problem with them after they drink it. All of them replied none,so to make matters clear, I browse the Internet and found out that it can also be use as a treatment for menorrhagia.

So I came up with the conclusion that uray can be use as treatment to internal bleeding because of what happened to my friends and also because of the research:)) I want to test it further, but I don’t have enough materials for the testing and I don’t know the proper procedures because I am only a high school student. I hope that more studies can be conducted about this plant because, as far as I know, it has innumerable benefits that can lead to cheap medication of diseases like diabetes or something.

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