Reasons not to Eat Dog Meat

Dog is one of the meats I do not want to eat. Here are the reasons:

1) It is against the law. Eating of animal pets and  wildlife is against the law. Dog is one of them. Fine and imprisonment awaits for violators.

2) Dogs are greedy, eating human poop. They did is yuck, eating human poop and other decomposing animals. Feces is the main source of Escherichia coli – diarrhea causing microorganisms. One of the popular dog recipe is the kinilaw, raw skin and entrails soaked in vinegar sauce.

3) Dogs are man’s best friend. Why eat meat  from your own friend. In most cases, the meat would not come from your dog, but it is still a dog meat, meat from man’s best friend.

4) Worms,  I never know whether it is true or not. Some people say that dog meat has lots of small worms. Worms that are very resistant to heat. It will surely get inside your body alive. The worms can be observe by placing fresh banana leaves over raw meat for a while.

dog under the car

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