Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes, RENI for Filipinos

Anyone still following the RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowances? It is obsolete and time to change to RENI, Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes. Take a look at Nutrition Facts of Nestle ice cream below. The third column indicates the percent of RENI per serving for an adult 19 to 29 years of age.

percent of reni

I think the obsolete RDA and the new RENI are only for people practicing strict diets. Computation is a pain. Knowing the nutrient and energy contents of every food is not easy. Different rice types may give different amount calories. Mixed food preparations makes the RENI practice even harder.

My simpler practice. I stop eating when my stomach is about 75% full. Avoid artificial beverages and junk foods. Refrain from eating fatty foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

For those who want to follow RENI, the table below might help you!

reni for filipinos

The picture above is a thumbnail. Hit the left mouse button to open a full image in a new window. It is a large jpeg image about 15×20 inches.

Other useful tables.

Recommended Energy Intakes at Varying Level of Physical Activity

energy intake based on activity

Minimum Daily Requirements for Water

water intake daily requirements

Minimum Daily Requirements for Electrolytes

minimum electrolytes rquirements

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  1. if for example a certain “reni for ages 19-29” is written on the label of the supplement?

    what does it mean?
    what if I am 40 years old?

  2. HI! Do uoy happen to have the latest RENI? The 2014 version.. The FNRI had a presentation about that but I have not seen some tables of these new RENI. Could you help me for that thing? Thanks..


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