Healthy Eating with Structured Foods

What if half the amount of your regular diet is enough to make you feel full? Two cups of rice before, down to only one cup. Two donut breads before, and now you are satisfied with only one.

What I am saying can be realized with discipline. Know the amount of food that is enough for your needs and follow it accordingly. Replace half or your regular meal with vegetables and fruits. There are also methods like, drink a diet tea and eat all you want and the expensive surgical operation that reduces stomach volume.

What if half the amount of food can satisfy you without the hard to implement discipline, without diet chemical, without the replacement technique and without the expensive surgical operation. A food can be restructured to give more satiety. Thus a restructured food can make you feel fuller faster than original version.

However, I never know yet how the restructuring technique work.  It might be a patent pending discovery.

A result of study published at suggest that a wide range of foodstuffs can be restructured in  such a way that an early formation of viscous sediments of the energy rich-part is promoted, initial stomach emptying is slowed down , satiation is enhanced and food intake can be better controlled.

 If a food in the stomach separates into an energy-poor upper layer and a viscous energy-dense sediment, the energy-dense part is delivered to the small intestine first, keeping the energy-poor liquid layer stacked on top. The volume of the stomach then stays larger for a longer time while at the same time the small intestine signals an influx of high-energy food. In a publication in Food Hydrocolloids, NIZO scientist George van Aken anticipated that this situation, which resembles the situation of the stomach being filled homogeneously with a large volume of energy-dense food, would stimulate satiation.


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