Rock Alkali Powder Drink for Dengue Cure? Wondermin

Clifford Duran invented the Wondermin alkaline powder. It is made from mineral stones from the mountains of Sierra Madre. To use as dengue cure, add two tablespoon powder in 1 liter of drinking water and drink. He claimed that it cures dengue by  increasing blood platelet count and decrease fever. He even got some test patients.

dengue virus

According  to toxicologist, the powder should undergo thorough test  for potency and other possible side effects.

I wonder how these powdered rocks cure dengue? The following reasons are just based on my thorough web surfing.
Classic symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever includes all classic fever signs but it is higher and with a sharp decrease in blodd platelet count. So victims bleed from the nose, gums and under the skin.

Minerals are essential for blood production.  Calcium mineral is important in BLOOD CLOTTING like what blood platelets do.  In addition, iron is an important component of the cytochromes that function in cellular respiration and of hemoglobin, the oxygen-binding protein of red blood cells.

Video courtesy of ABS-CBN news. Please always watch tv news to keep updated.

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  1. gusto po nmin makausap ang inyong inventor at sino sya intirisado po ako gus2 po nmin suriiin muna kcpo meron din pong maraming lumalabas napeke kaya hindi ko po malaman kung alin ang tunay salamat po…. 09198812798-smart 1tanguile st brgy fortune marikina city philippine

    1. @glad – I am very sorry for the inconvenience but she is not yet replying to my request either. I will contact you immediately when she respond!

  2. Is Wondermin Alkaline can be used for detox? Is it safe to drink & BFAD approved? Do you have a distributor in Cebu City, Philippines & contact nos.

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