Effects of Acrylamide Found in Starchy Foods (Crisp, Chips, Potatoes)

Did you know that cooking at higher temperatures such as frying might produced dangerous substances? One of the chemicals produce at higher temperature is the acrylamide. Crisp, chips, bread, crisp bread and other starchy foods cooked at higher temperature contain this substance.

Acrylamide causes cancer in animals. The probability that it might also cause cancer in human is high.

Food Standard Agency of United Kingdom is studying the formation of acrylamide and how it can be prevented or reduced.

Some of the findings are:
1) Cook chips lighter, darker colored chips contain more acrylamide.
2) Do not store potatoes in refrigerator. This makes potatoes produce more sugar and produce more acrylamide during cooking.
3) Water boiling temperature never produces acrylamide.
4) Soak potatoes in water for 30 minutes before frying.
5) Cooking frozen chips have lesser acrylamide.

Specific temperature at which acrylamide forms is not yet established.

crispy potato chips


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