Implement Safety Measures to Prevent Alcohol Related Fires

Manufacturers of alcohol (wine, gin, beer, vodka, rum and the likes) should implement strict safety measures to prevent alcohol related fires. Alcohol related fires can be very damaging to properties and humans.

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Two alcohol warehouses were converted to ashes due to fire. One warehouse was for storage of raw alcohol materials and the other one was for finished alcohol products. Nearby residents said that they heard a huge blast before the fire started. The fire almost last for ten hours. The fire fighters had no enough chemical solution that would hasten fire suppression.

The only edible alcohol is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It is a clear colorless with pungent odor (pungent for me). It makes a blue smokeless flame.

Absolute alcohol is flammable. Less than 50% alcohol solution may still burn if heated sufficiently. A 40% rubbing alcohol burns. Gin and rum also produces flame. Even a 9% ABV (alcohol by volume) wine burns when poured in heated pan (some recipe requirement).The fire fighters bombarded the fire with water. The result was a diluted version of spilled alcohol which was still flammable. Then the huge fire evaporated the water to contradict the dilution effect. This was the reason why the fire lasted for almost ten hours.

A slight mistake can turn the whole distillery or winery to ashes. Be careful entrepreneur!

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