Side Effects of Anti-Energy Drinks

Everyone is craving for coffee and energy drinks to get the job done or do more jobs. Energy drinks are everywhere. Can be bought form sari-sari stores, groceries, supermarkets and 24/7 establishments. Energy boosting drinks really help those who need it.anti-energy

However, we never need energy drinks at all times. We do need a reverse effect from time to time. Some merchants are already taking advantage of this opportunity by selling anti-energy drinks. I have never seen any locally but it may soon be available here.

From the name itself anti-energy, it has a calming effect and tend to stop anybody from doing hectic jobs. Can help people to unwind. Promotes relaxation after a stressful day of work.

International brands of anti-energy drinks are Slow Cow, Mary Jane’s relaxing soda, Unwind, Drank and Malava Navocaine.

Energy drinks have side effects. What do you expect with the anti-energy drinks? They have also several side effects:

1) Contain marijuana or other substances that mimic the drug. An obvious legalization of addictive drugs. They claimed that it is a positive alternative to drugs and alcohol.
2) Lacks scientific studies – so safety is not assured.
3) Readily available near campuses and convenience stores. Anyone can buy without hassles.
4) These are somewhat similar to street drug – according to Ronald Peters of University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
5) Can be a vehicle for drug addiction.
6) It contain sedatives. Also known as tranquilizers, used to reduce one’s irritability. But higher doses might result to slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgment and slow, uncertain reflexes.
7) Can cause drowsiness and not recommended before and during driving.
8) Contain melatonin which treat sleep-related disorders. Melatonin is found to intervene with men’s testosterone production. Should not be taken by adolescence and younger men.
9) According to Seamon, addition of lava, melatonin, valerian root, rose hip and passionflower posses risks. Though he never stated the possible dangers.
10) Some are sold for medicinal purposes, like the Canna Cola. It is sold as medical marijuana and not available to general public. Making a fake prescription is easy. Am I right?

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