300 Kilograms of Double Dead Meats, Botcha, Seized at Ilaya Recto

We heard a lot about widespread sales of botcha or the double dead meat. Hog raisers are still selling dead pigs, usually those that died from illness. The action is taken in attempt to salvage the injected capital and prevent losses. Imagine the cost of a 60-kilogram pig.

To attract buyers, botcha meat are usually sold at lower price or processed to our favorite meat products such as litson, longanisa, tocino and other unlabeled products.botcha at divisoria

Eating such meat pose health hazards. Authorities are monitoring its illegal sales. However, many businessman are still selling hot meat. This action has a light punishment, imprisonment or a fine of not more than 10,000 pesos.

In a exclusive report of TV Patrol, members of Manila Veterinary Inspection Board seized another batch of illegal meats:

Almost 300 kilograms of double dead meats, botcha, were confiscated at Ilaya Recto before it arrived for dispatch at Divisoria Market. Manila Veterinary Inspection Board stated that the said meat are dirty and have no inspection certificate from National Meat Inspection Commission.

Double dead meat signs are very evident on meats. Meat color is dark red with black spots due to improper removal of blood. Meats are dirty and the way of packaging is very unsanitary.

Authorities failed to capture the owner of double dead meat. The pedicab driver stated that the dealer asked him to deliver the bunch of meat to Divisoria Market. Hmm….

Seized meat will buried underground immediately. This is the second incidence of caught botcha transaction in Divisoria.

Authorities should monitor this place regularly. Divisoria might be a regular botcha marketplace.

image courtesy of abs-cbn news

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