Food Poisoning from Buko Ice Cancy and Cupcake

More than 300 elementary students in Calamba Laguna suffered from food poisoning after eating buko ice candy and cupcake. They had symptoms of stomach ache and dizziness about half hour after snack. They were sent to hospital and were able to got home safe.

It was clear food poisoning. Some students testified that cup cake had presence of molds and the buko ice candies had strange bubbling. The evidences were clear and they should have not eaten the food ration in the first place. Or, the in-charge in food distribution should have noticed it first.

It was very unlikely for breads, like cupcakes, to have molds. If we think about it, most bakeries almost always sell fresh produced. If it has molds, then it was old, improperly stored or both.

Buko is not my kind of thing when it come to refreshment. I never drink buko juice or eat buko shreds if it comes from any vendor or commercial establishment. I became victim of this buko several times already. Feeling stomach pain and uncontrollable bowel movement after an hour of consumption. Considering the very short shelflife of only one week plus handlers negligence, this commodity is common food poisoning culprit.

The sample of buko ice candy and cupcake were sent to FDA for examination.

You out there! Be cautious! Look at the food carefully. Sniff. Smell. Do not eat if there is something suspicious.


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