Authorities Recommend to Buy Only Branded/Labeled Meat Products

Authorities are now monitoring processed meat to ensure public safety. They are conducting a surprise inspection to meat processing plants. Necessary actions will be imposed to violators. The effort was initialized after the discovery of wide spread marketing of botcha or double dead recap special tocino

They are recommending to buy only properly labeled meat products or commodities under trusted brands. In case of trouble, the responsible manufacturer can easily be traced.

Well known brands will take all effort to ensure safety of their consumers. Safety of unlabeled meat products are unknown. They have not passed through the safey inspection of National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) and Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines (FDA).

Authorities are also planning to implement the mandatory building of meat storage facilities in public markets. They will also prohibit the display of meat products in ambient temperature (hanging on bars and placing on table top). The purpose is to prevent spoilage and contamination with dust and other foreign objects.

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